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Who we are and What we do

Who are the IPC Advisory Group?

IPC Advisory Group have over 60+ years combined experience made up of a high calibre of individuals from within the NHS, Private Healthcare, Industry, IPC Technology innovators, Cleaning/Facilities professionals and IPC educators.

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What we do

We are a multi-disciplined Infection Prevention Control Advisory Service helping organisations from across the globe to create a plan to ultimately lower infection rates through education strategy and the implementation of new technology.

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Why do you need IPCAG?

IPC is a complex and confusing subject. NEW working practices, NEW technologies.  With the combined experience we are reducing your risk of making costly mistakes and creating proactive strategies which in the very best case could save lives.

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How We WorkYou are in the right hands!

Initially and following the current government restrictions we will have a virtual meeting with your team to understand your problems and challenges. Working together we will develop a comprehensive plan to create safe and secure environments. Unique to you as one size fits all does not apply to IPC.


combined years of IPC experience


consulting engagements


access to healthcare facilities



As IPC Advisory Group we would charge for the time to create a bespoke strategy. We don’t sell any of the physical products you may require. Such as UVC or Cleaning materials but will help identify the best for purpose technologies in the market. Helping to save lives and protect budgets at the same time
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